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Copy Trading

Copy automatically every trade we make on eToro in real-time for free.  No trading or investing knowledge is required,  making this option perfect for beginners or those of you looking for passive income.

You have complete control over your capital. It is entirely your decision what amount you will dedicate to copy trading, what your maximum loss is, and  you can stop this service at any time.

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Trading Indicators

Access a pack of premium indicators and novel strategies developed through extensive backtesting and optimization. The pack is periodically updated and improved to deliver maximum efficiency and adaptability to the markets.

In order to deliver great customer service and exclusivity,  this service has a hard cap of 100 users.  Once reached,  no more will be accepted until a spot is made available. This is not a marketing gimmick.

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Market Analysis

Join a Telegram channel in which you will get daily updates and trading ideas about forex pairs,  commodities,  indices,  and cryptocurrencies. We also share a wide range of resources that should help you become a better and more profitable trader.

This service is for more advanced users who day trade and can take advantage of the value being offered. It can be combined with the Trading Indicators service for a total of $99.

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